Culture box

A representation of Zimbabwe’s material culture with its aesthetic value.

A total of 50 objects from the Gallery’s Study Collection have been put together in one box for the benefit of schools, organizations and interested individuals, with the main aim being to educate people about Zimbabwean culture and help them realize its importance in society. It is also a clear indication of the differences that are found between today and yesterdays way of living.

Having a small collection like this one in schools will expose children to their culture and develop a passion in them that will familiarize them with their origins. Headrests for example which were mostly used by the karanga to preserve elaborate hairstyles, or by herd boys whilst herding cattle during their naps are today valued and treasured by Zimbabwean families who own them, because they were handed down from father to son in strict lineal succession.

The box consists of various objects ranging from kitchenware i.e. wooden spoons, migoti, plates and baskets. Musical instruments i.e. drums, rattles and mbira, adornments i.e. bracelets, beadwork and java. Weapons i.e. scabbards/bakatwa and axes and for leisure tsoro games, wire toys and gudza dolls.

The wooden box is used to store these objects, and the Gallery’s logo on it is a clear indication of Zimbabwean artists' ingenuity and creativity. The accompanying book provides more details about each object in the box.

National Gallery of Zimbabwe ‘Culture Box’

An amazing chest of materials of culture from Zimbabwe, the “CULTURE BOX” is a National Gallery of Zimbabwe concept developed to educate the Gallery publics on the materials of culture in use in Zimbabwe now and in past years.

The Culture Box will create interest and a sense of ownership and pride in cultural objects that make up part of Zimbabwe’s fascinating history.

Our hope, as the National Gallery of Zimbabwe is to have as many schools, as many families, as many corporate organizations and as many visitors as possible taking ownership of one of these invaluable chests in order to set up their own miniature art museum of Zimbabwean cultural objects.


The Culture box contains 50 objects of material culture from Zimbabwe, accompanied by a copy of the book on Material Culture written by H. Ellert.

The categories include:

    i) Musical instruments
    ii) Kitchenware

iii) Weaponry

    iv) Leisure
    v) Adornment


To become the proud owner of one of these Culture Boxes please enquire at the reception. Online Booking available.

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