Saturday Art Classes

Saturday Art Classes are held during the School Term as according to the Government's Calendar, in the Gallery gardens every Saturday from 09h00-12h30. These classes are open to pupils and students currently studying art as a subject or individuals who would like to sharpen their artistic ability with the intention to explore new dimensions in art.
The Saturday Art Classes offer students and artists-to-be with Principles and Elements of art in order to properly navigate them on the path to skills enrichment. The class is for individuals who are either pursuing art in a hobbyist light or those who have considered to take Visual Art as a career of professional pursuit. The Saturday Art Class is moreover, a means for individuals to bridge their skills into the two year programme at the National Gallery School of Visual Art and Design and puts them as first preference for admission, if  they consider enrolling at the school.
Registration forms and fee details may be attained at the Gallery Reception desk or via Online Booking.

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