nganoDress up, sing, laugh and have a good  time in our hands- on storytelling sessions with  award winning writer, storyteller, and musician, Ignatius Mabasa, held every Saturday at the Gallery.
The sessions are designed to create a fun and captivating experience while helping children to learn and appreciate visual art in relation to other forms of art like storytelling, music and poetry  and their mother tongues as the stories are told in ChiShona.
The story telling session are kick started with the oral African Folk session where children are usually told two stories. The next segment is the an animated folk tale, which is a sequel to the interactive story telling concept.
After the storytelling, we run art activities such as painting and drawing for the kids to make something to take home that is inspired by the story.  The children are encouraged to interact with the characters - enhancing their concentration and communication skills.
Story telling directs and gives content to the audience to be imaginative and gets the creative juices going. The program is aimed at children but  parents, grandparents and caregivers can also join in the fun with the children.
Drop-in every Saturday from 10 to 11am, no payment required. Storytelling sessions last approximately 30-45 minutes.


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