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We are the prime arts institution in Zimbabwe, facilitating and enhancing research, teaching, learning, sharing, appreciation and continuous improvement/development. The library is there to facilitate research and at the same time, preserve and conserve published works for the education of present and future generations of Zimbabwe. online libraryUsing Our Online catalog, you can:Search for availability of books by Author, title, Subject, Call Number etc.


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• The library stocks a very good range of back issues for artistic journals.

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Technical Services

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe Maintenance Department provides technical services including packaging of Artworks, Pedestal Making, Display Boards Hire to artists, art collectors, embassies and any other potential clients. The technical department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the building as well as the logistical and technical staging of all the gallery's exhibitions. In addition the department is soon the embark on the introduction of a framing service for gallery clients.

Internet Hub

ZOLspot is ZOL's Wi-Fi hotspot network where you can connect and access the internet at broadband speeds using any Wi-Fi capable devices such as laptops and smartphones. Our ZOLspots are available here at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and in airports, hotels, restaurants and other locations around Zimbabwe

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