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Friends of the Gallery (FOG) was established in 1989 to support the activities of the NGZ and provide financial assistance through its own fund raising activities. FOG is a legal entity operating with its own Constitution and annual accounts. As such it is a separate and independent association from the Gallery. FOG nominates representatives from its membership to act in liaison with the NGZ Board of Trustees.

FOG has a dynamic and active committee which has achieved many successes in the past and maintains a forward thinking planning mind for the future. Operated by a voluntary elected committee, FOG is a non-profit making association with the income it receives or any profits earned from its activities being used in promoting its main objectives, which are as follows:

• encouraging and promoting interest in the activities of the Gallery

• assisting the Gallery in carrying out it’s duties and functions

• raising funds for the development and improvement of the Gallery facilities

• furthering the growth of the NGZ collection of art works by donations or bequests

• educating the public in a better understanding and appreciation of art and cultural activities as displayed and promoted by the Gallery.

• assisting in the promotion and sales of works of art by the Gallery

• assisting the Gallery in co-operation with other art oganisations

• Acquiring art works for the Permanent Collection

Over the years FOG has attracted finanical assistance for instance from international organisations such as NORAD for an art school, as well as from various embassies such as the Royal Netherlands Embassy, U.S Charge d’Affaires, Belgian Embassy and more recently the European Union and Btiish Council. FOG has built-up relationships and gained support from both international and local organistaions such as HIFA, ZIVA, Environment Africa and with galleries such as Galley Delta and Verandah Gallery and schools including Hellenic Junior, Harae International, St George’s College, Prince Edward, Convent, Peterhouse and Watershed schools.

One of the main objectives of FOG is to acquire works to increase the Permanent Collection and has acquired from a variety of artists in mediums varying from sculptures in stone and wood, to photographs, traditional baskets from Binga and Bulawayo and paintings. Some works were bought from younger artists just starting out, some who are now flourishing. Names that come to mind are: Edson Mapira, Portia Zvahera, Munyaradzi Mazarire, Chengerayi Mutasa, Anges Mupariwa, as well as the established artists Victor Nyakauru, Tafadzwa Gwetai and Calvin Chimutuwah as well as the highly acclaimed Masimba Hwati and Misheck Masamvu.

Over the years FoG has worked hard for and with the National Gallery to enrich Zimbabwe’s art by contributing to the running and well being of the Gallery and of its staff and to encourage and foster an appreciation for art. 

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