week 11 of 2019

week11 Kingsley Sambo Dance 68x151 cmThe Dance By Kingsley Sambo
A dance floor features a menagerie of dancers glide through the scene. Diagonal and vertical lines form the inorganic while the band of musicians in the stands

Week 10 of 2019

week10 Cripps Lindy Pit of fools 76x30 cmPit of Fools By Lindy Cripps
 From behind a curtain, the harlequin emerges leering down at a quartet of spectators. Their demi-sepulchral forms are engrossed in the exploits on stage left;

Week 09 of 2019

week9 Kamangira Phineas Prod WomanProud Woman By Phineas Kamangira
A buoyant face with smooth inward flowing ridges that slope down to a smiling lip creates gradation to an oval head elongated at both ends and somewhat

Week 08 of 2019

week7 Mhlaba Samkele Make in HistorySpring stone and oil paintMaking History By Samkhele Mhlaba
The voluminous top is blue and radiant, shaped in a batwing manner, suggestive of levitation and embodying the sky. The base is steady and in contrast the

Week 07 of 2019

week7 Charles MungoshiBust of Charles Mungoshi By  Michael Mugabazi
A representation of a man with his chin raised slightly upward; embodying introspection and focus. Smooth textures achieved by stippling, with a lighter tone

Week 06 of 2019

week6 Mpofu Semina Untouchables Mixed media.71 x 72 x 76 cmUntouchables By  Semina Mpofu
An orb with spiky projectiles, mass suspended in space as the sphere represents a dynamism that is to be untouched. A paradox wherein movement is to be made

Week 05 of 2019

week5 Paintings 96Warrior By Paddy Webster
The warrior stands his ground; gazing into the distance with a look of determination, his tunic with a motif of vines and flowers is a gentle contrast to the dark column

week 04 of 2019

week4 A portrait of Oliver Mtukudzi by Thandazani Ndlovu exhibiting at Prominent Personalities Portraits of ZimbabweansPortrait of Oliver Mtukudzi By Thandazani Ndlovu
 A monochromatic study of a head, value serving as the focal emphatic point as shadow and light breakeven; the result being form. Texture is broad in the organic

week 03 of 2019

week3 Theresa Mungure Witchcraft140x109 cmWitchcraft By Theresa Mungure
One-Hundred and Nineteen figures strewn about a sequential narrative focused on the banalities of life subverted by the occult; an unbridled analysis of the evil within

week 02 of 2019

week2 IMG 0895Bread and Butter Issues By Victor Nyakauru

week 01 of 2019

week1 Manyandure Benard Buck Overfed 30x14x18 cm Buck, Overfed By  Bernard Manyandure 

An antelope seated, front legs elongated when compared to the truncated hind legs. The mass of the beast is evident upon first look, the curvature of the medium


Where is my Head By John Takawira
Stuck between Truths and Beliefs, the figure stands truncated, with a sense of consciousness as an arm searches and scours for where the head used to be. The medium is impeccably sculpted and line differentiates the two different textures in the piece, a rough stipple being present in the figure’s hair. The piece is

week 44 of 2018

week 44 Lieros Helen War Bird Oil on canvas 34 x 63 cm PC 7800War Bird By Helen Lieros
Blended colour and forms in a dreamlike state, the titular bird burns furiously at right as a phoenix does; evocative of revolution and how it cannot be easily thwarted.

week 41 of 2018

week 41 Hlatywayo John Still Life Oil on board 37 x 47 cm 1966Still Life By John Hlatywayo
A bold colour palette. At centre a bowl with three fruits at far right a pedicel is most pronounced. Dark blue notes imbricated from the khakhi- green patch that is rife

week 42 of 2018

week 42 Black Sunlight. Dana Whabira. Dimensions Variable. Neon Light Sound and AnimationBlack Sunlight By Dana Whabira
 What escapes zero volume and infinite density when all implodes to oblivion? The inverse reality generates a blankness beyond measure, alas escapable in its

week 43 of 2018

Ziso re Vanhu By Joseph Muzondo
As the saying goes, the eyes are windows to the soul; the soul itself is an intelligent energy, divided from the spirit, it has personal characteristics that promote

week 39 of 2018

week 39 LiveLive By Munyaradzi Mazarire

You are looking into a mirror; the reflection you see is what you are at that particular juncture in time, the space around you is peripheral and your focus is on the

week 38 of 2018

week 38 Lunchtime by PaoloLunchtime By Paolo
An aquatic bird loops while eating its catch of the day, a fish. Truncated wings rise above the from the bird figure’s back, while the neck slopes rightward towards the

week 37 of 2018

week 37 handover of Dominic Benhura s Peace sculpturePeace By Dominic Benhura

On the 26th of April in 2017, a sculpture by Dominic Benhura, entitled Peace, was donated the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Permanent Collection by the United Nations Development Programme.

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