Artwork of Week 47

Hear No Evil by Mercy Moyo
Mercy Moyo The artwork Hear No Evil depicts a group of women who seem to be gossiping about a woman who is standing alone and looking very sad.

Verbal abuse is one of many forms of abuse that women are facing worldwide.  It may not cause physical damage, but it does cause emotional pain and scarring motional or psychological violence.
Emotional and psychological violence can be hugely damaging, even though the outward signs may not be obvious. Psychological violence can make the victim feel frightened, lose their self-esteem and stand in the way of them seeking help.
This week on the 25th of November we celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Violence against women is a human rights violation. The premise of the day is to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject to sexual abuse, domestic violence and many other forms. Furthermore, one of the aims of the day is to highlight that the scale and true nature of the issue is often hidden.
The 25th of  November to the 10th of December also mark the the16 Days of Activism against Gender -Based violence Campaign, a time meant to galvanize action to end violence against women and girls around the world.
This celebration is very important as violence against women impacts on, and impedes, progress in many areas, including poverty eradication, combating HIV/AIDS, and peace and security. Violence against women continues to be a global pandemic.
Deep-rooted inequality in the roles, rights and opportunities of men and women, and attitudes and social norms that condone or normalize such violence, have made the problem tenacious, but not inevitable. With laws to protect women and punish perpetrators, services to rebuild women’s lives and comprehensive prevention that starts early, ending violence against women and girls can become a reality. Violence against women and girls is not inevitable. Prevention is possible and essential.

Hear no evil is an encouragement to women for them not to be disheartened by the negative things that people say. Women should come together and unite to fight all forms of violence against fellow women all around the world.

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