Week 2 of 2017

week 2Generations By Tendai Mutasa.
Mutasa's artwork depicts different generations seemingly from the same family. Although the individuals

are similar in some ways, each generation exhibits a different set of characteristics which are relevant to their time.
As we celebrate our 60th anniversary, we celebrate the dramatic transition that the National Gallery of Zimbabwe has witnessed over a span of two generations that is from the colonial era to independence. In the 50s when the Gallery opened it was essentially a white domain and the idea of creating an art gallery was based on the idea to uphold and showcase the European arts which had come out of the European civilization.
However the National Gallery managed to transition itself from a colonial institution into a post colonial African learning and  creative hub. It has increased relevance to the majority of the population and has also been on the fore front in terms of visual art success and visual art heritage locally and internationally.

Just like different generations exhibit different characteristics relevant to their time, the  National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates the incredible journey that has seen the gallery transformed into a relevant contributor towards the enhancement of Zimbabwean and African art and cultural heritage.

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