Week 3 of 2017

week 3Father’s bull By Victor Nyakauru
Fathers Bull interrogates the long standing African tradition of the passing on of a bull from one generation to another which will protect the family and be used for traditional

ritual purposes and also for reproduction. Cattle have always been important within our Africa society, from linking families through marriage, legitimizing children, embodying a ruler’s power and even as part of ancestral religion.
The annual exhibition currently running at the National gallery of Zimbabwe under the theme Nhaka/ Ilifa/ Inheritance, draws inspiration from past and on-going legal contestations, seeking to resolve issues of inheritance and aims at affording artists with the space to interrogate the role played by tradition and religion in molding today’s family and society.
 It brings together diverse views about Inheritance coming from artists from around Zimbabwe. It also facilitates a platform where artists can communicate and educate the public about their culture, present reality and the future realities. It revolves around domesticity, including topics such as identity, cultural belief systems, Ubuntu/Unhu, westernization, religion, Christianity, common law, sexuality, gender balance, and care giving.
 Father’s bull won first prize in the Annual Exhibition show. The exhibition is set to run until the 6th of February. Come and witness Zimbabwean talent at its best, at affordable prizes.

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