Week 4 of 2017

week 4Sunrise with a Mermaid by Voti Thebe

Thebe's artwork depicts the beauty of a sunrise in the early morning.  As a source of all light and cosmic power, the brightness of the sun illuminates the planet, making life possible.

The sunrise symbolizes a new day, a new beginning full of endless possibilities.

Memories of both the good and the bad are what is left of 2016 while resolutions, hopes and dreams are what lie ahead of us. The beginning of each New Year provides us with a few moments to deeply and quietly reflect on the previous 12 months and our accomplishments and gives us meaningful time to plan out an even more extraordinary year to come.
As we celebrate the beginning of the year and the 60th anniversary of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, there are a number of extraordinary shows lined up in celebration such as tribute shows to late artists and greater artist engagement through concerts and other public programming. The Gallery will have its fourth edition of the Venice Biennale which will be yet another exceptional moment in the National Gallery’s endeavor to promote Zimbabwean art and culture on the international stage. The Gallery will once again host the second International Conference on African Art and Culture from the 11th to the 15th  of September under the theme Mapping the Future which will once again bring international art professionals to take stock of the developments that have taken place over the last 55 years and to re-imagine the future.
May 2017 be the most remarkable and legend building year for you all!

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