Week 5 of 2017


week 5Muonera Pamwe by Happiness Kamudzengerere.

The artwork Muonera Pamwe depicts the upper body of a boy and a girl with their heads joined sharing one eye in the centre.

One can deduce that this image symbolises working together and equality between the boy and the girl child, a notion that has been significantly advanced in the 21st century. The work depicts a situation where men and women are able to see things from an equal perspective. With the main objective of creating equality growing across all socioeconomic and political spectrum, many countries including Zimbabwe have put into place socio-economic and political development policies which aim to afford both males and females the same rights, opportunities and protection.
This artwork is among other artworks currently on display in the Green Shoots Exhibition. Running until the 27th of February, the Green Shoots exhibition is an annual exhibition for the students at the National Gallery School of Visual art and Design. The show highlights the creative skills that these young artists have acquired in the past 12-24 months. It also marks a new season where many students spring forth and enter into the professional art world.
This year's group exhibition show includes the exceptional work of 40 first and second year students as well as 2 former artists from the National Gallery Residence Program. It brings to the audience works which interrogate different themes in our society including bondage, poverty, religion, equality and relations. The show is in both traditional and new media works, including sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, printmaking and digital media. Come and witness an array of great artworks from Zimbabwe's up-and-coming contemporary artists.