Week 22 of 2017


22 20170529 091027 2Stories from Gogo and Sekuru by Kudzanai  Gumi

The artwork Stories of Gogo and Sekuru portrays a typical folk story of the mischief of baboons. Three baboons are in a tree with pots of food they probably

have stolen from other individuals. They eat and celebrate in the tree, while the rabbits below wish to climb the tree to also enjoy the contents of the pots.

Stories of Gogo and Sekuru is among 810 works from the country's ten provinces that have been submitted for this year's edition of the Tavatose Sisonke Schools annual exhibition. The exhibition is running under the theme Celebration Time with the environment in mind; a theme chosen to celebrate the Gallery’s 60th anniversary and the Environmental Management Agency's (EMA) 10th anniversary this year respectively.

Tavatose Sisonke Schools exhibition brought by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in collaboration with(EMA) aims at creating a greater awareness, at an early age, of the importance of keeping the environment clean, awareness around issues of improper handling of waste and its risks to the environment and human health and awareness of how recycled waste can contribute to the sustainable development of our communities.

It also brings forth a new dimension in the schools visual arts exhibition funding matrix, enabling many school children from across Zimbabwe’s ten provinces to lend their voices to the discourse of sustainable society through visual narratives while improving their artistic skills.