Week 26 of 2017


26 Jack Richard Perpetual angel 120x120cm oil on canvas 1981Perpetual Angle By Jack Richard

This week we celebrate the International Asteroid Day. It is an annual global event that aims to raise awareness about asteroids and what can be done to protect the

earth, its families, communities, and future generations. An asteroid is a large, irregularly shaped object in space that orbits around the Sun. This makes them dangerous because they can cause a lot of damage if they collide with a planet.

An abstract composition, Perpetual Angle is cut into two large triangles of different colours. It is as if a blue curtain has been opened up to the view of the other side of the world. The blues depict the sky at night with the stars and moon, whilst the other half of the triangle shows a few organic shapes and one big visible white shape casting a shadow on the ground.

Perpetual Angle is was acquired in 1981 and is part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe`s  Permanent Collection.