Week 27 of 2017

27 Sambo Kingsley Dance Acrylic on Board 1994Dance By Kingsley Sambo

An upbeat and colourful composition, Dance, portrays a group of people in a jovial mood as they dance and celebrate together. Dance is one of many ways in which

people express happiness and celebration.

July marks the birthday month of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in which we will be turning 60 years of promoting and preserving Zimbabwean visual art and heritage. The month will be packed with a number of activities including the renaming of some of the gallery spaces after of the early artist who contributed to the growth of the gallery and the Zimbabwean art scene, a Fun Day for children, portrait donations and a party on the 21st of July.

As a celebration special, every Friday during the month of July entrance into the Gallery will be free and open for everyone. We invite members of the public to come in and have tours of current exhibitions in the Gallery and to get to experience some of the public programmes we have on offer.


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