Week 34 of 2017

week 34
Playing Mbira by Norman Mhondiwa 1992,

A part of the NGZ permanent collection


The presence of balancing rocks, steep Mountains, grass and trees makes one appreciate the beauty of nature. Mhondiwa’s artwork depicts an African traditional rural setup where  a traditional ceremony underway, men and women are singing and clapping hands whilst others are playing mbira (an instrument of Zimbabwean origin), rattles (hosho) and traditional drums .A man  dressed in a traditional animal skin skirt  is dancing. Dance has been an indispensable element of life in African societies as it binds communities together and helps individuals understand their roles in relation to the community.  We are made to understand African tradition and culture. Communities are guided by spirit mediums they consult time and again for guidance and advice. Traditional ceremonies are conducted in order to appease the spirits. The playing of the mbira is used as a way of invoking the spirits.

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