Week 39 of 2017

mappingthe futureArtworks of the week:  Pottery from Great Zimbabwe, part of the Mapping Exhibition
This week we celebrate World Tourism Day

The main theme of this year’s world tourism day is Sustainable tourism for Development; tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environment impacts addressing the needs of visitors, the industry and the environment and host communities.
 Zimbabwe’s Great Zimbabwe was accorded by UNESCO a world Heritage site status in 1986. Great Zimbabwe does not only present the tremendous walls built without mortar, but also houses the best pottery namely Bamba and Zhizho Gokomere. The pottery was made by men and women who were inhabitants of Great Zimbabwe and the surrounding areas. Pottery was used for cooking and storing food and for decorative purposes. Skilful men and women fabricated these artefacts which are nowadays purchased and admired by tourist.  The National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s current mapping exhibition: Zimbabwean Morden Art Development has some examples of these open fired ceramics. The exhibition also has a section of the development of past sites namely Great Zimbabwe and Ziwa. Tourists   purchase these ceramics and bring in foreign currency to the Nation thereby promoting sustainable tourism for development.

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