Week 41 of 2017

week 41Artwork of the Week: Bwayla by Mulenga J Mulenga, part of the NGZ current African Voices Exhibition Dimensions 120cmx70cm
This week we celebrate International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child this year is running under the theme empower girls during and after crisis. The Day marks the beginning of a year-long effort to spur global attention and action to the challenges and opportunities girls face before, during, and after crises. Mulenga Mulenga’s artwork presents three girls of different age groups. The younger one is sitting down, another kneeling down whilst holding the shoulders of the younger and the other is standing braiding hair of the one kneeling down. They can be interpreted as responsible citizens who help each other before during and even after crisis. In  some parts of Africa the girl child is still deprived of education, cannot occupy influential positions, and is  a victim of early child marriages. The burden of abuse and being down trodden upon,  still needs to be removed been removed for the girl child to be respected and valued by her community and to be educated,  to be able to pursue a non-exploitative career, to be able to invest in the economy and participate politically in a non-discriminatory atmosphere, able to live her life to the fullest based on her choices and abilities There is emancipation of the girl child through protective laws. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is no exception in the ongoing efforts of promoting the girl child. In this regard the Gallery offers equal opportunity among artist to exhibit their mastery in art regardless of their gender.

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