week 50 of 2017

week 50 Artwork of the Week by: Portia Zvavahera: Zimbabwe, 1985, Commitment, 2013, Dimensions 118x81.5 cm, Ink on Fabriano Paper, a part of the NGZ permanent collection

Portia Zvavahera artwork depicts visual double entendre is projected wherein the figure is either standing before a crucifix within a chapel or is positioned between two sepulchers. The figure stand in a cripplingly lonely state; the mood set by the menacing magenta is somewhat daunting, however from the other perspective, the rood in the foreground, with its blank condition, offers some form of catharsis with regards to the exuberantly dressed heroine. The faceless state of the figure can be any woman, seeking some form of identity in both the physical and the metaphysical realm.
Zvavahera’s body of work reflects the female experience in contemporary Zimbabwean society with undertones that shift between religion and identity. She studied at both the National Gallery of Zimbabwe's BAT Visual Art School and Harare Polytechnic.

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