week 03 of 2018

week3 2018Artwork of the Week by: Thomas Mukarobgwa, Zimbabwe 1924- 1976, Family Dreaming, 101x45x 77cm, Serpentine Stone a part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection.

Mukarobgwa’s c artwork delves deep into the concept of family and togetherness. It is more rounded and smooth, with minimal carving into the surface, and a bold golden color. It is believed that the late Mukarobgwa was inspired by his native landscape and the legends and culture of the Shona people. He had a tremendous love and knowledge of local folk customs. He was not afraid of the hardest stones and loved to carve semi-abstract figures, all of which had a story.
The National Gallery offers spacious space for family in the ever green sculpture garden where family can relax and have a picnic during weekends taking pictures. The main halls exhibit over one hundred art works by different artists. As a family you can also get to cherish Zimbabwean art as astonishing artworks are on display in the main galleries.

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