week 05 of 2018

week5 2018Artwork of the Week By: Manuhwa Damian 1952, The Graduate Dimensions 145cmx46cmx67cm, Spring Stone,  part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection

Education is the mirror of mankind. This symbolises the value put in books and it further expresses how important it is for one to be educated. It denotes a graduate, as suggested by its name, wearing his gown, cap and is tightly holding on to his books and gown. Manuhwa Damian’s sculpture is very descriptive, and sends a message about importance of education. Munuhwa’s subjects are drawn largely from the natural world of man and animal, from the spiritual world which is the source of explanation for the events of the worlds that man inhabits. The sculpture ranges from depictions of man and his varied emotions to the creation of abstract but aesthetically pleasing form.
The National Gallery has selected this piece in particular as it is a microcosm of the macrocosm of the Institution’s core business which is to train and enable the artists. The National Gallery School of Visual Arts and Design is a nurturing ground for young aspiring artist who upon finishing their courses embark on careers as productive artists. Soon after attaining the requirements students graduate and become professional artist as they are accorded with diplomas in different disciplines.

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