week 07 of 2018

week7Artwork of the week: Healing the Community / Kurapa Nharaunda by Emerald Hill Children’s Home. It is part of the Gallery’s permanent collection.
This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates Zero Discrimination day.

The day is set towards bringing awareness of the different types of discrimination people face and how these can be dealt with. UNAIDS has been working towards showing the rest of the world how it is everyone’s right to be free from any form of discrimination. Discrimination comes in different forms. It could be discrimination against age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or language. However, despite the efforts presented towards creating an equitable society, many people still face discrimination to this day. UNAIDS has since started a campaign devoted towards challenging each and every one to  take note of any form of discrimination that could be taking place in their surroundings and take the best action to stop it. The campaign will help end discrimination as this is not only good for the community, but for the economy and the future generation. The artwork above is a monument educating the community about the AIDS pandemic. Since people are also being discriminated because of their health status, the artwork serves to provide more knowledge towards working together and healing the community. As people work together to stop the spread the HIV/AIDS they can at the same time encourage everyone not to stigmatise others because of their health status.

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