week 16 of 2018

week 14Artwork of the week by Dingermans Waalko tittled Temporary Spill Way, Chalk  and watercolour on paper Dimensions 47x59cm
This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates the International Day for Monuments and Sites

Every year on 18 April, ICOMOS celebrates the International Day for Monuments and Sites, whose establishment was approved by the 22nd UNESCO General Conference in 1983.The 2018 theme for the ICOMOS International Day for Monuments and Sites is Heritage for Generations led by the ICOMOS Emerging Professionals Working Groups.
  Kariba Dam is located approximately halfway down the Zambezi River Kariba Dam has attracted several tourist across the world. It is an amazing tourist attraction site. Apart from being a tourist attraction site it has been used for generating power in Zimbabwe and Zambia.
The Electricity Supply Commission instigated an investigation for possible hydro-electric schemes to be situated at Kariba and in 1941 funds were allocated. As a result of this survey, a river gauging station was set up at Chirundu as well as at a campsite 25 kilometres downstream from the present dam wall.  
In March President Mnangagwa commissioned Kariba South Hydro Power Station which is a milestone for the country’s electricity supply. Today not only do Zimbabweans celebrate their Independence, they are citizens with pride celebrate these astonishing sites. Some of the sites include the majestic Victoria Falls, Hwange Park, Inyanga, and the mountainous Vumba Mountains among others.
Waalko Dingerman’s artwork depicts water spilling from Kariba Dam Wall. This is so because the Dam would be full to capacity. Zimbabwe with pride and prestige will continue to preserve these stunning sites and monuments. Dingerman painted the Kariba Dam wall to show that the monument will forever remain a Heritage for future generations.

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