week 21 of 2018

week 21The Thomas Meikle Library
This week the National Gallery celebrates the International Archives Day
At the international Congress in Vienna in 2004, 2000 participants adopted a resolution requesting the United Nations to create an International Archives Day.

Some countries had already decided to have a national archives day, to raise awareness of the general public and the decision-makers about the importance of archives.
 The Thomas Meikle library is a prime arts institution in Zimbabwe, facilitating and enhancing research, teaching, learning, sharing appreciation and continuous improvement/development. The library collection consists of books, journals, catalogues, archival photographs and slide collection, reference; on art only and exclusive National Gallery of Zimbabwe archive research material. The acquisition of the library resources and equipment is usually through donation and purchasing.
All books are classified using Dewy Decimal Classification (DDC) which is an organization tool that is continuously revised to keep pace with knowledge. As a special; library; 90% of the Thomas Meikle collection is arts, fine arts and recreation (architecture, sculpture, painting, music, photography and recreation). The library uses KOHA library management system which is an open source software which enables users to search using the catalogue online (OPAC).
The library is managed by the chief librarian and his assistant librarian who do all the day to day library duties like selecting, developing, cataloguing and classifying library resources, answering readers' enquiries, using library systems and specialist computer applications, shelve reading which is done weekly liaising with departmental academic staff, external organisations and suppliers, ensuring that library services meet the needs of particular groups of users (e.g. staff, postgraduate students, disabled students), archiving the National gallery’s archival collection, supporting independent research and learning. Thomas Meikle library plays a significant role in ensuring the archiving of books, catalogues, articles and journals are conserved and preserved for future use.

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