week 31 of 2018

week31 2018Beer Drinking by Morgan Musorowembudzi

 In this scene, Hare, Baboon, Lizard and Tortoise go through their libations; to the right, Baboon and Hare make an appeal, a somewhat a solemn case is presented to the two figures off left. Take note of Lizard and Tortoise, recipients to the appellant applications by the formerly

mentioned, ponder upon the details of the appeal; observe the insightful chin rubs, reflective in nature and warranting consideration that must be reciprocation of an issuant response!
At center is the cyclix from which they all tap their drink, imbibing as the discourse between the players of this definitively hearty composition, pepper on about whatsoever they pepper upon. Friendship, brokerage, arbitration or judgement, the certainty of conclusion herein lies within the fact that these bacchanals shall result in good for all present.
International Beer Day falls on the 3rd of August, and as Tortoise, Lizard, Hare and Baboon imbibe, we too shall celebrate an invention of the amber ale!

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