week 32 of 2018

 week32 2018Heroes Acre Overlooking Warren Park by Andrew Chekerwa

Line as a path of vision depreciates as the eye moves towards the hillock in the background, the center of interest being the Eternal Flame; the spire atop the hill, a symbol that represents the persistence of memory of the Chimurenga or Liberation Struggle. The spear is somewhat suggestive of the local weaponry; the most

common armament at the time of Western invasion, that is, a nod towards the First Chimurenga, which took place in 1896.
The clarity of the subject is definitively inspired by the Revolution. The matter of the painter’s view of the monument from a lower elevation is direct in providing the viewer with the importance of the site is clear as one exalts the location from the artist’s view. As Heroes Day approaches, there is a sense of vehemence as the nation remembers those who sacrificed their lives to effect the unfolding of Zimbabwe’s democracy.

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