week 37 of 2018

week 37 handover of Dominic Benhura s Peace sculpturePeace By Dominic Benhura

On the 26th of April in 2017, a sculpture by Dominic Benhura, entitled Peace, was donated the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Permanent Collection by the United Nations Development Programme.

The artwork features five figures, youth in their appearance; all amputees and clearly victims of war and conflict. The symbolism embedded herein is emblematic of the effects of war, that is the young people of the world.
This collateral damage is often overlooked by the Governments and corporations who dole out the systemic wars of the world, whether resources are at the base of the strife or political ideology, it is often the sad fact that the young generation is coerced into battle or are periphery to the dangers of war as they know not the “benefits” and are often auxiliaries of its evils.
Conclusively, as power corrupts and the absolutes of it are visible through the destruction of the power to war dynamic, the Peace sculpture is evident of hope as the group’s figures raise the PEACE symbol; also a double entendre for VICTORY- something that stands testament to the incorruptible nature of the young and their perseverance to challenge corruption, inevitably, to let the better angels within them secure Peace for all in a bright future.

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