week 43 of 2018

Ziso re Vanhu By Joseph Muzondo
As the saying goes, the eyes are windows to the soul; the soul itself is an intelligent energy, divided from the spirit, it has personal characteristics that promote

rationality, logic and reason. The souls is reflective of the elements, it is bound to be curious of the positive and negative forces around it and is the basis of learning. The sentient being is encapsulated by Soul; in antiquity the ka and ba from Egyptian cosmology are the earliest examples of the divisibility of the Soul- each part of the dichotomy expressing sapience within the individual body.
Upwardly a flabelliform column draws the eye whilst the base is projectile to enact balance throughout the composition. A smoothly rising mound appears at centre, a deeply carved alcove establishes a focal point through naturally dark tones with the aperture allowing a flow of light through the eye, a containment of true value.
The eye of the people, as the title translates; is an intermediary vessel between ignorance and knowledge, truth and untruth.

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