Where is my Head By John Takawira
Stuck between Truths and Beliefs, the figure stands truncated, with a sense of consciousness as an arm searches and scours for where the head used to be. The medium is impeccably sculpted and line differentiates the two different textures in the piece, a rough stipple being present in the figure’s hair. The piece is

voluminous as the midsection lands densely upon the viewer’s eye and a recessive decline is situated towards the torso of the figure.
The figure is clear and is metaphorically laced towards various ends; the philosophical debate mentioned at the beginning, in its epistemic roots, points toward the identity of the colonized. The head figuratively shifts from the figure in picture to somewhere else, remotely acting for the decapitated form while initiating decisions that influence the forsaken figure. One may look at the cockroach, headless it may survive, retaining its responsive stimuli and mobile functions, alas without antennae to navigate its surrounds, becomes fully exposed to certain doom.

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