Artwork of the Week 21

IMG 4942  Ife Masks By Traditional Artist of the Nigerian people

Ife masks imitated the human face as accurately and sensitively to bring out the feeling for harmony, balance and proportion. They are ceremonial masks with a

Artwork of the Week 19

make me a birdThe NakivArt collective’s initiative By The NakivArt’s Collection
The NakivArt collective’s caption is aimed at making visible the praxis of enclosed areas within the settlement as well as alienation between refugees and the local population.

Artwork of the Week 15

yoan60 solutions to Climate Change By Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand

60 solutions to climate change aims to inspire a broad understanding and spark dialogue among various sections of the society on the challenges of climate change

Artwork of the Week 12

mushipe f

Xenophobia Pain By Forbes Mushipe

Xenophobia speaks of African experiences and the legacy thereafter; the spiritual power that exists within a mob, be it socio-religious, cultural or political. It permeation of agreement and conflict; anger and joy, haste and restraint, all from

Artwork of the Week 11

bhudhaHead of Buddha by Unknown
The Head of Buddha is sculpture by an Unknown Artist, which is part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Permanent Collection. Buddha signifies awakening, freedom from

Artwork of the Week 9

EditedBy Franklyn Dzingayi and Varaidzo Gwede
The Artwork of the week is a painting by two former National Gallery of Zimbabwe School of Visual Art and Design students, Franklyn Dzingayi and Varaidzo

Artwork of the Week 8

Roux FrancoisWoman Readingc1927Oil on board 29x40 cm

Woman Reading
By Roux Francois

Woman reading is a painting by Roux Francois which was part of the permanent collection acquired by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in 1959.

Artwork of the Week 7

week7Poverty and Education 2
By:Edwin Chinyama

Poverty and Education 2 is a sculpture by Edwin Abasi Chinyama which is part of the Green Shoots Exhibition at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.

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