Artwork of the Week 39

39African Home By PhillemonChipiro
 The artwork depicts a typical African rural homestead as its name African Home suggests comprising of three huts, a kraal and seemingly nearby fields. Shelter

Artwork of the Week 38

 The artwork, From War to Peace, mirrors a transition from a period of war to a time of peace. This is clearly shown by the mixture of bright colours like yellow which represent peace, love and warmth and darker colours that represent hardship.

Artwork of the Week 37

Roux FrancoisWoman Readingc1927Oil on board 29x40 cmWoman Reading By Francois Roux
 The painting by Francois Roux depicts an old lady reading, which instantly resonates that education never ends. It is not limited by age no matter how old a person is they can still enhance their knowledge through reading and studying.

Artwork of the Week 35

Artwork of the week 35Inspiration from a Bass Player By Marvelous Mangena
 Marvelous Mangena’s painting, Inspiration from a bass player portrays a jazz band. The musicians look much older just from their dressing. It is a post- independence celebration providing a reflection on the tremendous role played by jazz music in the struggle by black people for socio-political and economic

Artwork of the Week 34

swing lowSwing Low By Kufa Makwavarara

The artwork by Kufa Makwavarara, Swing Low, depicts a heavenly scenery with angel like beings and chariots. Swing low is a very well-known name,

Artwork of the Week 33

cyclonVictim of Cyclone Eline by TapiwaMatsikire

The image depicts a village hit by Cyclone–Eline, which was the longest-lived Indian Ocean tropical cyclone on record.Most houses are completely damaged and immersed in water, leaving many people homeless, and in dire need of assistance.

Artwork of the Week 32

street gangStreet Gang By Ashton Chinwada

The art work shows a gang of young men, as its name suggests, who are sitting in a circular form in a street. The image suggests that they are either discussing or organizing something or they could be playing a street game, which is very popular among unemployed youth who spend most of their time on the street.

Artwork of the Week 30

Ndandarika Joseph Telling Secrets 1972Telling Secrets By Ndandarika Joseph
This sculpture speaks on true friendship by means of the sub rosa element which its name implies. Although somewhat malevolent, the sculpture

Artwork of the Week 28

blues fo mandelaBlues for Mandela By Tapfuma Gutsa
 Tapfuma Gutsa’s work is a sculpture that gives credit to the good work of Nelson Mandela who devoted his life to the service of humanity as a human rights lawyer,

Artwork of the Week 27

1993 Luis MequePoorAcrylic on CardAcquired 1993Poor By Luis Meque
Meque’s work is a painting that expresses the vicious Cycle of Poverty ; the figure sits dejectedly due to being left without any opportunities to a better life marked by socio-economic constraints such as unemployment, crisis of expectation and

Artwork of the Week 26

PC 2002 0001 Rice Chrispen Unity Makes PowerUnity makes power By Chrispen Rice
Rice work show that cooperation is the key to success and unity. He shows how ants work that their complex, cooperative societies

Artwork of the Week 25

Steinlein Theophile Alexandra Refugees Charcoal on paper 35 x 23 cmRefugees By Alexandra Steinlein Theophile
Theophile’s work is Charcoal on Paper which shows the way of life refugees lead, migrating from one place to another. The drawing illustrates the turmoil in which

Artwork of the Week 24

Ali and Mercy1973Ali and Mercy By Kingsley Sambo
Sambo’s work shows how happy children are and can be when they receive parental love and are  availed freedom from of all the discord of

Artwork of the Week 22

Hava Jamila Maternity leave Acrylic on canvas 1986Maternity Leave By Jamila Hava
Maternity leave aim to highlight the role of parents in the rearing of children and that they play an important part in shaping one's life as they are the primary caregivers and teachers of their children.

Artwork of the Week 21

IMG 4942  Ife Masks By Traditional Artist of the Nigerian people

Ife masks imitated the human face as accurately and sensitively to bring out the feeling for harmony, balance and proportion. They are ceremonial masks with a

Artwork of the Week 19

make me a birdThe NakivArt collective’s initiative By The NakivArt’s Collection
The NakivArt collective’s caption is aimed at making visible the praxis of enclosed areas within the settlement as well as alienation between refugees and the local population.

Artwork of the Week 15

yoan60 solutions to Climate Change By Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand

60 solutions to climate change aims to inspire a broad understanding and spark dialogue among various sections of the society on the challenges of climate change

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