week 43 of 2018

Ziso re Vanhu By Joseph Muzondo
As the saying goes, the eyes are windows to the soul; the soul itself is an intelligent energy, divided from the spirit, it has personal characteristics that promote

week 39 of 2018

week 39 LiveLive By Munyaradzi Mazarire

You are looking into a mirror; the reflection you see is what you are at that particular juncture in time, the space around you is peripheral and your focus is on the

week 38 of 2018

week 38 Lunchtime by PaoloLunchtime By Paolo
An aquatic bird loops while eating its catch of the day, a fish. Truncated wings rise above the from the bird figure’s back, while the neck slopes rightward towards the

week 37 of 2018

week 37 handover of Dominic Benhura s Peace sculpturePeace By Dominic Benhura

On the 26th of April in 2017, a sculpture by Dominic Benhura, entitled Peace, was donated the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Permanent Collection by the United Nations Development Programme.

week 36 of 2018

mbira by gideon gomo week36Mbira
Gideon Gomo

 The artwork is represents a Mbira, which is presented with eleven keys which are in the make of human faces. These human faces

week 34 of 2018

C Charmaine Chitate The March 2 3. THE LIBERATOR 1709The Liberator By Charmaine Chitate
A profile of a cavalry man accosting the people, off camera, infusing an energy of appreciation set forth by the group, as the eye is set in on the action of the events

week 32 of 2018

 week32 2018Heroes Acre Overlooking Warren Park by Andrew Chekerwa

Line as a path of vision depreciates as the eye moves towards the hillock in the background, the center of interest being the Eternal Flame; the spire atop the hill, a symbol that represents the persistence of memory of the Chimurenga or Liberation Struggle. The spear is somewhat suggestive of the local weaponry; the most

week 31 of 2018

week31 2018Beer Drinking by Morgan Musorowembudzi

 In this scene, Hare, Baboon, Lizard and Tortoise go through their libations; to the right, Baboon and Hare make an appeal, a somewhat a solemn case is presented to the two figures off left. Take note of Lizard and Tortoise, recipients to the appellant applications by the formerly

week 27 of 2018

week 27Artwork of the Week by:Tapfuma Gutsa  titled The Blues For Mandela Zimbabwe 1956, Dimensions 71x35x 63cm Mixed Media, part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection
This week the National Gallery family celebrate Nelson Mandela Day

week 25 of 2018

week 25 Artwork of the Week is by Kingsley Sambo titled Dance, part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent Collection
An upbeat and colourful composition, Dance, portrays a group of people in a jovial mood as they dance and celebrate together. Dance is one of many ways in which people express happiness and celebration.

week 24 of 2018

week24Artwork of the week is “David and the head of Goliath” by GIOVANNI BATTISTA CARACCIOLO, part of the NGZ permanent collection.
This artwork is part of the exhibition Zimbabwe meets Italy which is currently showing.

week 23 of 2018

week23Artwork of the Week: Dancing Girl by Dominic Benhura, part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe permanent’s collection
This week we celebrate the international day of the Girl Child.

week 21 of 2018

week 21The Thomas Meikle Library
This week the National Gallery celebrates the International Archives Day
At the international Congress in Vienna in 2004, 2000 participants adopted a resolution requesting the United Nations to create an International Archives Day.

week 22 of 2018

juneArtwork of the Week by Bernard Matemera Titled: The Family Medium: Black Serpentine, a part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection
This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe family celebrates International Global Day of Parents

week 17 of 2018

week17Artwork of the week by Thakor Patel: Zimbabwe, 1930, Untitled, 99x73cm, Gouache and Ink on Paper.1987. It is part of the NGZ permanent collection
This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates World Graphic Design Day.

week 16 of 2018

week 14Artwork of the week by Dingermans Waalko tittled Temporary Spill Way, Chalk  and watercolour on paper Dimensions 47x59cm
This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates the International Day for Monuments and Sites

week 15 of 2018

week 13Artwork of the Week By: Sylvester Mubayi titled Baboon, Dimensions91x43x20 cm, 1942 Zimbabwe, a part of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection
Sylvester Mubayi’s artwork depicts a baboon standing upright, grasping a cob of maize facing to the right. This sculpture expresses the coexistence of the species;

week 12 of 2018

week12Artwork of the week is Takawira John, POISONED MAN. Dimensions 170x36x39 cm 1978. It is part of NGZ permanent collection.

This week the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates World Tuberculosis Day. This day, observed on March 24 each year, is designed to build public awareness

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