Womans show

Balance for Better: Redesigning a Woman's Space

The Balance for Better: Redesigning a Woman’s Space exhibition is celebrating women’s strength and grace, triumphs and struggles; while encouraging attention to well-being and heritage issues. The show is about building a more gender-balanced world where everyone has a role to play. It focuses on the societal gender

ZFIDP – Iranian Photography

Open from: 22 Feb 2019 - 22 Apr 2019

Permanent Collection

Openfrom:  28 Feb 2019 - 22 Apr 2019

Meeting of Minds:

An exhibition featuring Zimbabwean artists related to the Netherlands

pfungwa ne pfungwa

This exhibition comes at a time when Zimbabwe continues to re-engage with the rest of the world and celebrates intercultural exchanges that have strengthened the people to people relations. Artists on this show come from different generations and their practice has a link to Netherlands. The common understanding that

Moulding A Nation:

The History of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s Ceramic Collection
Fundamentally earthy, clay comes in wet lumps, but with love, skill and effort can be transformed into incredible things – the useful, the beautiful and the

Tavatose/Sisonke:Show Your Care

Tavatose Banner PrintGlobal, regional and national crises can only be solved if we abandon materialism and selfishness and embrace the ethos of caring for each other and the environment, challenging those who put private profit above the common good of all society to see the benefit of working together for the good of all. The Tavatose - Sisonke schools exhibition is a visual creative educational platform and vehicle provided by the Gallery through which young artists, in sync with the art

PPC Imaginarium Exhibition

PPC Imaginarium Exhibition

In 2017, the first PPC Imaginarium was launched in many parts of South Africa, to promote PPC cement. PPC Imaginarium is an ambitious modern art and design competition aimed at providing emerging artists and designers with the opportunity to showcase their talents through the medium of concrete. This year, the PPC Imaginarium has come to Zimbabwe!

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