The Fighting Forces of the Tower

Artist: Stephen Chikosi And Tariro Washe

Running from 16 February 2017 to 13 March 2017.
Duration: 1Month


The Fighting Forces of the Tower is a multimedia exhibition that showcases the brave fighters who are fire guardians of the city of Harare. Central to the exhibition is the Drill Tower in which they spend much time training and perfecting the art of Fire Fighting. The body of work creates an enlightenment capsule in which the audience can experience the fire-fighting ordeal. By simulation and through multimedia, the work aims to bridge the gap between the danger and the art of fire fighting. The work explores the question of the need for a greater understanding and solidarity for the fire fighter. 
The Fighting Forces of The Tower not only exhibits the courageous men and women at the Harare Fire Department, it also aims to bring awareness of the challenges the fighters faces and the impact  these challenges have on the community at large.
The use of multimedia is to ensure that the exhibition is interactive with the audience. Various elements of the exhibition will bring much needed awareness of the Department to all levels of society.
Fire fighters live by the definition that bravery is not the absence of fear, but it is knowing what to do in the presence of fear.

Meso Maviri Profile

Meso Maviri comprises of two photographers, namely Steven Chikosi and Tariro Washe, a team of creatives, passionate about creative media. They are visual orators of the African narrative. Understanding their role to express and present all faces of the story, they constantly produce and create original & sublime content.
The duo’s mission through Meso Maviri is to ensure the African story lives beyond any one individual; by making it possible for Africans to access content and tools that promote the telling of our own story at a world class standard, thus being carriers of truth for generations.
Meso Maviri strive to remain competitive, edgy and current with today’s trends by maintaining high standards at all times raising the bar for multimedia in Zimbabwe.

Steven Chikosi Profile

In 2015 Chikosi was featured on CNN African voices. He was also listed by as one of the top photographers to follow from Africa. Locally Chikosi has taken part in Gwanza & ZAFP exhibitions. Chikosi also took part in the Photo Voices project in Epworth which involved mentoring young girls in documenting themselves. The work by the girls mentored by Chikosi was exhibited at the Netherlands/Dutch Embassy. Chikosi’s work has been published in many African publications including The African Lens, a staple publication for African photography.

Tariro Washe Profile

Washe acquired a Higher Certificate in Photography at  Vega and as National Diploma in Professional Photography at City Varsity, Cape Town, South Africa. In 2014 Washe exhibited in a group exhibition titled ChanceSubjects/DelibrateObjects at 6 Spin Street Gallery in Cape Town. It was an exhibition that engaged the prominent use of both deliberate choice and accident occurrence in photography.

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