“Cont.    Empo”- meaning Continuous Empowerment of  young contemporary    artists. It is a tale of four young artists and    how they are    overcoming obstacles of    hard economy in Zimbabwe    and the world in general. Cont. Empo is a voice of     the youth with different backgrounds but with one motive.

This family    of artists seeks to explore emotions in different societies and express it through    Visual Art.    This comprises of Artists: Dean Muchenje, Grace Nyahangare,    Takudzwa Guzha and Ronald Muranganwa.    
Grace Prudence Nyahangare, through her    (Shadows of Death) goes deep    into the experience of losing her father in 2015 and how    she dealt with grief using art as therapy to heal her soul. “Brighter days,” is a new beginning which    represents future happiness. The stagnant silhouettes stand for a trapped person and the yellow sun represents the end of her despair.    
Takudzwa Leeroy Guzha, (Water shortages and migration) the piece “In    Transit,” talks about    how people are migrating to other    countries in search of    jobs to    fend for themselves.    This is really personal for Guzha as he is the    only one amongst his siblings who    is in Zimbabwe the rest having migrated in    search    of greener pastures.    
 Ronald    Muranganwa works with the theme (Identity and Social    Problems) an interrogation of his identity    and life journey in marginalized communities.    Socio interpretations expressed through his body of work, “Madam Boss”    talks of the extreme side of    an empowered woman, who is bossy and    tramps    on her    “employees,”    family and the general populace.    
Dean Muchenje mainly focuses on nature and textures.  

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