Mahatma in me

Mahatma in me Exhibition (Indian exhibition in the pavilion)
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PERIOD RUNNING: 16 – 30 August

A Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi
By Vibhor Sogani,

“Be the Change you wish to see in the World’’.
  - M.K. Gandhi.

We all want to see big changes in the world. Every great journey, though, has to begin with a single step. That step, we believe, needs to come from within us - the Gandhi in us. Every individual carries a bit of Mahatma in him, waiting to be discovered. ‘Mahatma in me’ is our humble attempt towards that realisation. Subtle images of Mahatma Gandhi and some impressions of his thoughts, expressed here in reflective steel, make us pause to reflect for a moment on the Mahatma within all of us…
  ‘Mahatma in Me’ - A tribute to Gandhi ji by Vibhor Sogani.

“All will see images of the Mahatma. Most will find reflections of the world. Many will see their own selves reflected. Some will look to find their souls. A few will act to realise the Mahatama within.”


Vibhor Sogani, born in Jaipur, Rajasthan, is one of the leading creative professionals in India. An alumnus of the prestigious National Institute of design (NID), Ahmedabad, he has made a strong mark in the areas of art & light-based installations.
Vibhor’s Style is experimental and language transformative. His passion in exploring divers materials like steel, brass, copper, bronze, stone and mixed media, coupled with a strong interest in fine art and urban aesthetics has led to innovative expressions in art, sculptures and light installations. Vibhor’s language is modern, and has that international cosmopolitan flavour which is a natural corollary to the material he is dominantly using – steel. His works, in many ways repositions stainless steel and catapults it to the next level.
One of India’s largest and most visible public art installations, ‘the Sprouts`, a 40 feet high stainless steel installation spread over 6 acres of greens surrounding the AIIMS flyover in the heart of Delhi, is his creation.
He started Studio Vibhor Sogani in 1994 in Delhi. The Studio had been engaged in various prestigious and award winning commissioned installation and design projects and conceptual art assignments.
Recipient of many honours, Vibhor has also been awarded “Indian Art Icon of the Year 2014” in Singapore.
Vibhor has been recently nominated by the Government as a member of governing body of the India Design Council.

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