Climate Change Exhibition


Climate Change Exhibition: Opened: 26November 201560solutions couv 1024x720

 “60 solutions to climate change” exhibition

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in conjunction with the Embassy of France in Zimbabwe and Malawi hosts “60 solutions to climate change” exhibition. This exhibition features works by photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand in partnership with AFD and Good Planet Foundation.
This exhibition aims to emphasise the importance of dialogue and action on climate change as the world prepares for the 21st Conference of Parties Meeting (COP21) in Paris France from the 31st of November to the 11th of December 2015. The travelling exhibition goes around the world in an effort to create a common understanding of the need for collective action to mitigate climate change and its global challenges.
The exhibition aims to inspire a broad understanding and spark dialogue among various sections of the society on the challenges of climate change while facilitating the development of new and innovative solutions to its problems. It present solutions in favour of a low carbon growth which brings major benefits in terms of employment creation and quality life.
The exhibition is made of 28 panels, among them 21 are photographs that cover 40 linear meters of exposure.Through 21 photosthis exhibition “60 solutions against climate change ", emphasizes on concrete solutions in the fight against climate change and in favour of a sober growth model in carbon.
A wealth of information will be available on low-carbon choices you can make for the betterment of our climate worldwide biking to work instead of walking, using more efficient light bulbs in your home, unplugging electric devices when not in use. These actions and many others reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that promote climate change.
Climate change and forest experts designed and implemented this program, which will produce measurable benefits to the atmosphere and meet or exceed the highest standards available today for voluntary carbon markets.
As a country let us take lessons from the solution to change our climate to fight the challenges affecting our agricultural produce, economic instability and other effects of climate change. Climate is more than our life partner, it is a symbol of the soul and good health.
Let us not refrain from the solutions of our own global climate. They speak to important aspects of farming and figures of our own life expectancy and let us imbue them with value and valour. Nature loves a vacuum and if we are found wanting on this important nation building block, wrong notions quickly manifest themselves in all sorts of ways.

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is open for you to come and have a look on the exhibited items for climate change. The exhibitionis running till January 2016.