PPC Imaginarium Exhibition

In 2017, the first PPC Imaginarium was launched in many parts of South Africa, to promote PPC cement. PPC Imaginarium is an ambitious modern art and design competition aimed at providing emerging artists and designers with the opportunity to showcase their talents through the medium of concrete. This year, the PPC Imaginarium has come to Zimbabwe!

PPC Zimbabwe is a proud supplier of innovative construction products and solutions. With a heritage of over one hundred years in Zimbabwe, PPC has built a reputation as the brand of choice, due to the unparalleled quality of PPC products. PPC has also enjoyed success in Zimbabwe due to our commitment to providing customers with “Strength beyond the Bag” through our products and services that add value to every aspect of the customer experience.
PPC is more than a supplier of cement. Our vision is to be a powerful force for development of African infrastructure and people. Wherever PPC is present, we strive to invest in, and uplift, local people and communities. In Zimbabwe, PPC is proud to support initiatives across various sectors including education and sports development.

Regarding the PPC Imaginarium in Zimbabwe, we are excited to support the arts fraternity, in what we envision to be a long-term partnership. The Zimbabwean arts sector is rich in talent, but is often left behind when it comes to financial support and investment. We hope that as we continue to support Zimbabwean artists over the coming years, we will begin to see more industries supporting the arts community, helping its growth and nurturing its vibrancy.
The PPC Imaginarium Awards were established as a means to give emerging designers and artists the opportunity to showcase their talent and creative thinking by using PPC cement-based concrete as a primary base or material for an artistic work or works. Submissions can be made in six disciplines, which are Architecture, Fashion, Film, Industrial design, Jewellery and Sculpture. Concrete is a hugely versatile material, and it is therefore a valuable medium to the arts.
Innovation is a key pillar of PPC’s vision and strategy. In everything we do, from providing a consistent quality range of superior products, to providing superior customer service, to creating partnerships for mutual growth, PPC is always moving forward. We encourage artists to embrace the PPC Imaginarium competition as an opportunity to showcase their creativity and push the boundaries of their arts. We invite you to find more information about the Imaginarium competition our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube platforms, and we look forward to receiving Zimbabwe’s art.
The PPC Imaginarium exposes craftsmanship from these numerous features of art which facilitate extensive implementation in industries, using different medium.


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