Tavatose/Sisonke:Show Your Care

Tavatose Banner PrintGlobal, regional and national crises can only be solved if we abandon materialism and selfishness and embrace the ethos of caring for each other and the environment, challenging those who put private profit above the common good of all society to see the benefit of working together for the good of all. The Tavatose - Sisonke schools exhibition is a visual creative educational platform and vehicle provided by the Gallery through which young artists, in sync with the art

curriculum, lend their voices to the discourse on day to day issues such as ecological and environmental sensitivity, sustainability, peace, nonviolence skills, empathy, compassion and national heritage stewardship.

Show Your Care is about showing empathy for others and caring for the environment for societal advancement and sustenance. The exhibition is the national showcase and the culmination of the smaller provincial schools art competitions held at Regional Galleries in Bulawayo and Mutare before selected works were submitted for the National exhibition. Participants were required to create innovative artworks using available resources that interrogate and explore the concept of Unhu/ Ubuntu, Love, Unity, Compassion and National Heritage stewardship.
Through this platform, students are encouraged to explore new horizons in new media such as ICT and explore other new mediums or combinations.

As the art making processes took place during the election season, students from pre - school to “A” Level were encouraged to observe and record, imagine and outline through sketches, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Sculpture, Mixed media and any other suitable media , apply visual solutions that respond to sub topics and the  theme Show Your Care.

From the submissions, it is clear that participants have a visual art vocabulary that is both astounding and gratifying. That they have been able to interpret and synthesise ideas to produce commendable artworks, points to advances being made in the classroom to mould individuals who are better able to build a great future for the country and who understand the meaning of ‘the greater good’.

Akim Nyakudya – Education Officer
Harare, 2018

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