The grand colonial programs that led to the fragmentation of a continent are a reality that we continue to ignore. Africa remains unable to listen and understand the importance of having a dialogue about this reality. The legacy of colonialism has been so influential that we have lost our identity. Self-hate is seen as normal.


1980s - 2000

The period between the '80s and 2000s was marked by a new political dispensation of National Independence that superimposed itself on a movement of modern

Unpacking the Vision: From Rembrandt to Mubayi

I maintain that all genuinely modern art is influenced by African Art. African influence is first apparent in 1904 when the German expressionists were bowled over by the power of expression of African Art.
                 Frank McEwen

Narrative Vessels - An exhibition of artefacts from the Permanent collection

This exhibition traces a narrative that begins with the domestic containers and progressively moves away from the private intimate object to an art that spills into the public domain. Vessels that have a past, a present and an infinitely variable future, these pieces provide both realities and fictions.

Familiar Histories: An Unstoppable Force in Contemporary Art Discourse.

The story of artists tapping into their own history is not a new one and every generation of artists will always bring their own narratives to this subject. This has remained a familiar territory of tapping into the past and also into familiar stories that confronts people be it in urban or rural population. Taping into the future is


 “Cont.    Empo”- meaning Continuous Empowerment of  young contemporary    artists. It is a tale of four young artists and    how they are    overcoming obstacles of    hard economy in Zimbabwe    and the world in general. Cont. Empo is a voice of     the youth with different backgrounds but with one motive.

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