Planetary Community Chicken Curatorial Statement

This exhibition comes at a time when art, science and community engagement is getting prominence in and outside Zimbabwean. The unveiling of the Planetary Community Chicken exhibition by Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen brings a different dimension on what art is and what art can do.

Planetary Community Chicken

This August, Belgian artist Koen Vanmechelen comes to Harare with an exhibition that will make its Africa debut at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Planetary Community Chicken is an installation that serves as a bridge between the interlinking worlds of art and science, this

Wildlife Exhibition:-Exploring the totems of Zimbabweans

Running from  16/06/16 -08/08/16

he National Gallery of Zimbabwe is proud to present Wildlife Exhibition: Exploring the totems of Zimbabweans an exhibition featuring William Maberly, Thomas Sagomba and Daryl Nero, to mention just a few.

Tavatose / Sisonke

Running from  09/07/16 -08/08/16

Tavatose Sisonke Schools Visual Art Exhibition 2016 running under the theme Waste no Waste, Waste is Treasure is an initiative by the National Gallery in partnership with Environmental Management Agency to create a platform for school children from

Own Your Rubbish


Running from  19/05/16 - 20/06/16

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is set to host the Own Your Rubbish Exhibition from the 19th of May 2016. The exhibition is by photographer, Laurie MacPherson and is motivated to inspire citizens to take responsibility for their consumerism through the vehicle of their own rubbish.

Zig Zag Boundaries

A collaborative project by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Dzimbanhete Artist Interaction and Catinca Tabacaru Gallery New York. It will focus on the resultant relationship with boundaries ....

The connection

Interrogating the relationship between artists and religion. Digging deeper into the relationship between artists and religion unveiling the union with the world.

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