Own Your Rubbish


Running from  19/05/16 - 20/06/16

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is set to host the Own Your Rubbish Exhibition from the 19th of May 2016. The exhibition is by photographer, Laurie MacPherson and is motivated to inspire citizens to take responsibility for their consumerism through the vehicle of their own rubbish.

Zig Zag Boundaries

A collaborative project by the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Dzimbanhete Artist Interaction and Catinca Tabacaru Gallery New York. It will focus on the resultant relationship with boundaries ....

The connection

Interrogating the relationship between artists and religion. Digging deeper into the relationship between artists and religion unveiling the union with the world.

Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition - Mharidzo

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe presented the second edition of the reintroduced annual show the Zimbabwe Annual Exhibition under the theme Mharidzo.

Mutations and Permutations

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is proud to present Mutations and Permutations: A Situationist Proposal an exhibition featuring Tapfuma Gutsa and two mentees; Daniel Chimurure and Ronald Mutemeri.

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