Mapping the Future

11-13 September 2017

Harare: National Gallery of Zimbabwe

We have turned 60! The NGZ is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2017 and one of our highlights for the year will be an International Conference of African Cultures (ICAC). This large-scale event will take place from the 11-13 September 2017 in Harare at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe.
The 2nd International Conference of African Cultures (ICAC) will take place from the 11-13 of September 2017. This event will bring together local and international delegates in the art, culture and heritage industries to deliberate important issues surrounding the future and history of art and culture from Africa. Like the first ICAC in 1962 this event will be important not only for the region, but for the whole continent. Its impact will map out the ways in which institutions, governments, academics and practitioners engaging with the continent will further art and culture.
ICAC 2017 will be made up of 4 major elements:
•    Conference
•    Exhibition Program
•    Art Week
•    Visit to Great Zimbabwe (optional trip on 14 September 2017)


The conference is central to ICAC. The theme of the 2017 conference is Mapping the Future.  The conference will be a platform to reimagine the future of art, art and cultural institutions and heritage industries in the face of the current socio-economic and political challenges on the continent.  ICAC comes at a time when art institutions around the world need urgent attention from both the local authorities, corporations and their governments.

Exhibitions Program

The exhibition program set to run alongside the conference will showcase distinguished artists, both living and late from all over the continent. It will highlight pivotal African narratives while exploring African and Western meeting points against a background of contemporary concerns.

Art Week

The inaugural art week is designed to offer the mushrooming art spaces of Harare an opportunity to celebrate with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe and showcase their work. This will promote Zimbabwe’s most contemporary and cutting edge galleries, collectives, craft centres and art related organisations.

Visit to Great Zimbabwe

ICAC will consist of an optional visit to Great Zimbabwe (one of the greatest symbols of African Civilisation). At this site, discussion around intangible and tangible heritage will be held.  

Main Theme:
  Mapping the Future

Central Topics
1) The Historical Dimensions of Art in Africa

2) Development of Contemporary Art on the Continent.

3) Building from Scratch and Plugging the Holes: Spaces for Contemporary African Art

4) The Design Tradition in Africa and Its Impact on Arts and Culture

5) The Role of Heritage in Formulating Identity

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