Zimbabwe Annual Art Exhibition 2018 Entry Form

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Blood Relatives
Ukama hunokosha, Buqakathekile ubuhlobo, Family is important. The Zimbabwean Cultural ecology we inhabit is evolving in the face of a wired world, which offers indefinite globalisation of infinite localities. Today everything is interconnected. Mobility and the search for greener pastures across the borders have separated

families and the family unit. Are our family tree based relationships still as important as they used to be in the not so distant past? Where is the love that existed before the turn of the millennium? In the past, our families used to count on the love we had for each other and that kept the family united. Now people have attitudes about difference and connectedness and scores have relocated to the Diaspora. It can be said, in our space of communication, we transact, interact, see and feel more distant and isolated today than in the past.
The intention is to query the entire human map of blood relatives.
All submissions to be sent in by the 9th of November 2018.
Entry: $5 per entry form.
Submission Guidelines
The following should accompany this entry form and the artworks:
Artist to submit up to 2 artworks
1. Curriculum Vitae(s) and bio(s) of all artists
2. A one-page statement describing the artwork (maximum 300 words) and include value and indicate whether it is for sale or not for sale.
3. Artist statement
4. An image of the work
5. Up to 2 videos can be submitted via CD
6. An image checklist for artwork/video work submitted. Include the artist name, title, year, medium and dimensions.
7. Complete contact information for the artist and his/her gallery representative

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