Sylvester Mubayi

sylv1Born in 1942, Mubayi is one of the last surviving links to the early days of modern Zimbabwean sculpture. He began

sculpting in the 1960s at the Tengenenge sculpture community in northern Zimbabwe. Later, he was invited to be a resident artist at the National Gallery by its influential first director, Frank McEwen. He was a founder member of the new sculpture community established by McEwen in Vukutu (eastern Zimbabwe), where he did some of his finest work. He now lives and works in Chitungwiza. His work is inspired by a world of spirit and supernatural forces often fusing people and the animal world. Skeletons inspired his early work. He has exhibited extensively since 1968 in many parts of the world and has work in major collections in Europe and North America.Sylvester Mubayi creates sculptures of great beauty, often with a traditional meaning to them such as the bird as a messenger between "the other side" and people. His life size Cheetahs seems so friendly that one of them is today protecting a young child in her bedroom in Helsinki, Finland. Sylvester Mubayi is a mentor with Friends Forever artists, and deliberately so, he prioritise giving support and inspiration to the most talented younger artists in his field, the stone sculpture of Zimbabwe.

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