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Imagination, inquisitiveness, creativity and learning with the Culture Box at the Gallery.
culture box
The Culture Box is a collection of Zimbabwean traditional cultural objects that can be used to educate children and adults about Zimbabwean Traditional culture. Through direct interaction with art and cultural objects, the Culture Box fosters creative and critical thinking skills, creates experimental opportunities to actively explore complex ideas in engaging ways, sparks curiosity and discovery and provides space to innovate.
The Culture box also comes at a time when the Government of Zimbabwe has introduced a new education curriculum which emphasises the significance of arts and cultural education from an early age. The culture box at the Gallery serves as a resource and information centre from which interested schools can draw on what they need to acquire for their cultural villages at school. Having a small collection like this one in schools will expose children to their heritage and develop a passion in them that will familiarize them with their origins.
Schools can make a booking to have the culture box workshop held at the Gallery or at their school for a small fee of $20.00 per group. The Culture Box may be loaned to schools for a maximum period of 4 weeks.
Interested schools can contact the Department of Education for a quotation for their specific requirement. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 04-704666/7

culture box2Box Contents:
• Traditional Musical Instruments i.e. the drum (Ngoma), Hosho, Mbira, magagda etc
• Wooden Kitchenware i.e. Hadyana, Gate, Pfuko, Tsambakodzi, Mugoti , Musika, Ndiro etc
• Traditional Weaponry i.e. bows and arrows, spears (Umkhonto), axes, Bakatwa
• Traditional adornments i.e. Chuma, bracelets, beadwork and java etc
• Traditional leisure objects i.e. Tsoro games, wire toys and Gudza dolls.

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