The Holiday Art Camp

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The Holiday Art camp at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe is a fun and fantastic way to build up skills and knowledge  on a five day Art Camp experience. art camp1The programmes for the Art Camp are age specific and build on knowledge and skill, extending the children's  opportunity to discover new concepts. The Holiday Art Camp is designed to adopt a formal approach with regards to the instruction of students as it takes into account the needs of the student’s full-time commitments to mainstream academic pursuits in the School Curriculum whilst offering a practical bypass to help relieve the pressures of learning.
Each day of camp new topics are introduced as well as building on skills and techniques from the day before.  Students are instructed and guided  by practicing art instructors in the creation of expressionistic pictures in oil, acrylic or pencil crayon. They also  learn about color mixing through tissue paper collages, paint and magic markers. The Camp serves to create a space in which young people can gain knowledge of visual arts, develop their visual creative abilities through fun experiences which makes their grasp of the discipline more memorable.                                                                                                                           
Registration fee for the Art Camp is $30 only and all materials are provided for the students with the kind support of La Rue. The registration fee is also inclusive of refreshments over the five day course and commemorative t-shirts are also be available for  $5.  
Participants receive prizes in their various age groups. The Holiday Art Camp takes place during the penultimate April, August School Holidays.
Bookings can be made Online.

art camp2As the National Gallery of Zimbabwe celebrates its 60th Anniversary, join us for the April Holiday Art Camp for a fun, creative and artistic way to spend holiday time.
Campers will enjoy rotating through a variety of holiday art media and projects.
They will also be inspired by running exhibitions, revel in hands-on experiments and learning activities and learn to problem-solve with confidence.


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