Experimental Artist AMA, to showcase at Domboshawa FINE ART MUSIC FESTIVAL

AMA is a Experimental artist who executes her Art primarily in Sound and couples it with Performance. She utilises her person as mise en scene and often augments her performance with complimentary ensembles that strengthen the immediate environment around her; her arias often reverberating setting, mood and tone, a careful understanding the power of interdependence of the organic, inorganic and synthetic in a unified space. She has performed at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, bringing a sylvan motif into the modernity of the space, all too a stunning performance that complimented the overall theme of Prophecy, at the 2014 opening of the Venice Biennale Exhibition.

“My passion lies in the art of evolving, questioning, observing, and validating my existence through the power and vehicle of creativity, as well as utilizing it to face my fears whilst being as authentic as possible. I am practitioner of the visual, musical, and movement arts.”

Her incorporation  of the Arts and her voice; physically and in the Press, make AMA the  calm, soothing Voice in the Wilderness of the Contemporary Art Scene in Zimbabwe

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