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Will the sun rise and shine again post COVID-19?

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handshake willTheSunShineAgain ngzLin Barrie
to touch...or not to touch is a slideshow/video created from charcoal sketches on paper. The charcoal sketches were worked into, and extra marks were made, in the ArtRage App.

The sketches and video comment on how, across the WHOLE world, social culture as we know it is changing, perhaps forever and very quickly. The handshake that we take for granted as a mark of trust and friendship is no longer safe. Hands are pulled apart with the mantra, Don’t Touch! As social animals, we are compromised and have to change our habits. The corona virus has severed our skin contact, our comfort zone and our culture, at what cost to our sense of well-being, our human psyche?

willTheSunShineAgain ngzVongai Sibanda
Here’s a series of self-portraits worked on under lockdown. COVID has forced most artists to be their own muses and this is Vongai Sibanda stepping in front of the camera. This self-portrait series is of the emotions one might be going through under lockdown. Even though we aren’t able to do much, exhaustion is a feeling we tend to flow in and out of in one day. Because dealing with all your other emotions can be exhausting. All photographs were taken in a time of serious critical mental health two weeks before a visit to the psychologist.

20200417 102221 01 01George Musarira
The work brings awareness and encouragement to people about the importance of staying at home or physical distance. This is especially during this time, when the world is haunted by a deadly pandemic. By staying at home we are reducing the spread of the virus. Staying at home is protecting the next person. Life is in our hands. Stay safe and stay at home.

Collage works 2352Olivia Botha
The series ‘sunpots’ is a continuation of an earlier series titled ‘Light stains which initially started in 2019 in Bulawayo during Penny siopis’s residency workshop at the National gallery of Zimbabwe. It was during the workshop “Open studios”, thet Siopis invited artists to create works within a specific timeframe and with a limited array of materials at their disposal. ‘Sunspots’ are collage works that take on the same methodology. Here tha artist is only using materials that are currently at her disposal during South africa’s National COVID-19 Lockdown. Sunspots are both found on the sun’s outer surface and a human body as a result of exposure to sun rays. It explores our relationship both physically and metaphorically to the sun and its light


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