The Holiday Art Camp

The Holiday Art Camp is designed to adopt a formal approach with regards to the instruction of students as it takes into account the needs of the student’s full-time commitments to mainstream academic pursuits in the School Curriculum whilst offering a practical bypass to help relieve the pressures of learning. The camp not only serves as a retreat in scholastic terms, but it also allows children to learn a discipline through fun experiences which makes their grasp of the discipline more memorable.
Activities which take place include the creation of expressionistic pictures in oil, acrylic or pencil crayon, learning about color mixing as through tissue paper collages, paint, magic markers and coffee filters, learning how to create a fireworks display with crayons, paint, glue, foil and shoe polish. Students make pictures using aluminum foil of their favorite themes. Children are taught about what makes a Van Gogh painting a Van Gogh painting, great paintings and art history as well. They learn about the effects of salt on water colors as they will paint pictures of natural surroundings. They will also learn to look at the different ways of laying out a painting as they begin to recognize important elements of design.
Making art forms utilizing processes and techniques influenced by different artists can help one to better understand how to create landscapes. These lessons enable students to understand techniques used by Monet and the Impressionist style as students are encouraged to create their own Impressionist paintings through fun activities which is at their disposal.
Students are instructed by practicing art instructors in different noteworthy categories through the Atelier method that was established by Gustave Moreau, famously adopted by the first Director of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Frank McEwen. In keeping with the tradition of the Workshop approach, the students practice creative freedom and work ethic in an open environment. Aside from this, they will be at an advantage to find inspiration around them embodied in the works of current and past masters availed through the Gallery
Pre-School and Primary School groups have a schedule set for 9 O’ Clock in the morning until 1 O’ Clock in the afternoon while students aged between 13 to 18 years finish at 3 O' Clock. With aid from the instructors, the students are able to understand how to use different tools and methods like painting or making craft objects.
The strength of the Holiday Art Camp lies within the fact that the older students learn from instructors who are individuals pursuing Art as a profession.  The Camp serves to create a space in which young people can gain knowledge of visual art and develop their visual creative abilities. It allows them to express themselves in numerous ways giving them self-confidence in as much as it empowers them to attain an interest to occupy them take up art professionally.
It also enables them to appreciate the Gallery space as a place of contemplation and engagement  while they also interact with best art practice and are encouraged to critically respond.
The registration fee for the Art Camp is $30 only and all materials are provided for the students with the kind support of La Rue. The registration fee is also inclusive of refreshments over the five day course and commemorative t-shirts are also be available for  $5.  Participants receive prizes in their various age groups. The Holiday Art Camp takes place during the penultimate week of the March-April and August-September School Holidays. Bookings can be made Online.

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