amali banner webA Amali Malola Tribute Show

Running from 6 February 2017 to 1 May 2017.
Duration: 3 Months

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is proud to present a long overdue tribute to Amali Wasili Malola one of the founding sculptors of Tengenenge Art Centre. Amali Malola’s prolific contribution to Zimbabwean stone sculpture inspired the conception of this exhibition. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is happy to stage this show as its first exhibition of 2017. This exhibition marks two years since the death of this veteran artist. In a sense this tribute exhibition is fitting as the National Gallery of Zimbabwe this year is celebrating its diamond jubilee. There are many artists that have come and gone who have contributed to the history of this institution. Malola is one such artist.

Without artists there would be no exhibitions. Many are familiar with Amali Malola’s work through local and international exhibitions of his sculptures. His sculptures exhibit a firm distinction between beauty in nature and beauty in art. This fundamental contrast, once grasped, enables us to begin to look at both art and nature with more understanding and appreciation. Art is there because the medium has pleased the artist and as viewers we can dislike or like the show.

Achikulile: Amali Malola’s Tribute show takes in a variety of works from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Amali Malola’s family and the Chapungu collections. Malola used to sculpt from a conviction as an artist that he had a message to impart and he continued to deliver from his heart that was full of stimulating ideas until he passed. Malola worked with some of the outstanding sculptors including, the late Moses Masaya, the late Bernard Matemera, Sylvester Mubayi, the late Henry Munyaradzi, the late Fanizani Akuda, Josia Manzi, Ndale, and Kakoma Kweli. When Amali Malola died aged 105 years, he was still sculpting.

Several of the works on display are drawn from the Chapungu collection as well as several which are directly from the Malola family storeroom. The paintings on show are by Kilala Malola from the Chapungu collection and an acknowledgement goes to Eric Gauss for the photography under Dogs on the Run.

On behalf of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe I would like to thank the Malola Family, Roy Guthrie and Dogs on the Run for making this exhibition possible.

Curated by Raphael Chikukwa

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