Week 8 of 2017

week 8Ambuya Telling Stories By Lazarus Takawira
 The artwork Ambuya Telling Stories depicts a woman with three little children close to her, their faces elevated in attentive stances as if dialogue or dictation is taking place. Folk tales have enchanted people from different cultures for centuries.

Week 7 of 2017

week 7Mavambo By Portia Zvavahera.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, our artwork of the week is by Portia Zvavahera 'Mavambo'. Mavambo depicts a newlywed couple posing for a snap shot,

Week 6 of 2017

week 6Woman of the Society By Tapfuma Gutsa
Woman of the Society is a portrayal of a modern strong and confident woman. It is a striking example of the capacity of Tapfuma Gutsa to manipulate any medium to create arresting forms.

Week 5 of 2017

week 5Muonera Pamwe by Happiness Kamudzengerere.

The artwork Muonera Pamwe depicts the upper body of a boy and a girl with their heads joined sharing one eye in the centre.

Week 4 of 2017

week 4Sunrise with a Mermaid by Voti Thebe

Thebe's artwork depicts the beauty of a sunrise in the early morning.  As a source of all light and cosmic power, the brightness of the sun illuminates the planet, making life possible.

Week 3 of 2017

week 3Father’s bull By Victor Nyakauru
Fathers Bull interrogates the long standing African tradition of the passing on of a bull from one generation to another which will protect the family and be used for traditional

Week 2 of 2017

week 2Generations By Tendai Mutasa.
Mutasa's artwork depicts different generations seemingly from the same family. Although the individuals

Week 1 of 2017

This year, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe turns 60, celebrating this momentous occasion under the theme Brilliant. Shining. Forever!
Villa's work is representative of an idea that was first set in motion over eight decades ago; the establishment of a Museum of Art in Africa. Such was the beginning of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe's journey. African Growth, as self

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