Week 32 of 2017

32Taken Away by Sally Morgan, a part of the NGZ Permanent Collection
This week we celebrate the International Days of Worlds Indigenous People

Week 28 of 2017

28Tsvimbo Mativi Mana (Inheritance) By Julius Mushambadope
 The artwork Tsvimbo Mativi Mana depicts a group of individuals within a family all rushing to grab tsvimbo yenhaka / a wooden stick in the foreground. The

Week 27 of 2017

27 Sambo Kingsley Dance Acrylic on Board 1994Dance By Kingsley Sambo

An upbeat and colourful composition, Dance, portrays a group of people in a jovial mood as they dance and celebrate together. Dance is one of many ways in which

Week 26 of 2017

26 Jack Richard Perpetual angel 120x120cm oil on canvas 1981Perpetual Angle By Jack Richard

This week we celebrate the International Asteroid Day. It is an annual global event that aims to raise awareness about asteroids and what can be done to protect the

Week 23 of 2017

23 Manzi Josaih Nyau ForestAcrylic on Canvas Acquired 1992Nyau Forest by Josiah Manzi

Nyau which also means mask or initiation is a secret society of the Chewa people. The initiations are normally done in secret locations in the forest. Vibrant colors

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